Business Support

We have a full team to support your affiliate network campaigns. Need graphics, charts, emails, explainer videos? We have it all and ready to help you grow your earning potential.

Easy Process

The process is simple. Setup a demo, create form submission (tracked to you) and allow the team to on board the client. We track every submission and every conversion.


This is a residual based affiliate offer. With this being said we are focused on scaling. We focus on an assembly line mentality to allow the great support and fastest uptime.

About us

Client AI is a revolutionary system that effectively takes the burden of managing a CRM and lead generation system off the shoulders of business management and marketing professionals. Seamlessly integrate Out Bound Dialing, SMS Messaging, Email, Artificial Intelligence and more into your sales and processing department. Learn about more ways we help you reduce your marketing expenditure with an advanced system for analytic.

We bring you’re the cleanest user interface with the most robust features that you could ask form. We showing this to your clients they will be impressed and ready to take their marketing or call centers to the next level.

How it works

In a nutshell we have two fees: Upfront on signup and a monthly recurring fee. You will receive a portion of each. Weekly payout on the upfront and monthly payouts on the recurring. Here is how to start:

  • Affiliate Introduction Learn about the system and our process of onboarding
  • Review Agreement We will have longstanding relatiuonship with you - We want to make sure all terms are clear
  • Campaing Assitance Client Ai creative tema will help assit building our your creatives, landers and content to help you launch strong

Services and solutions

Streamline your data analysis and representative management. With a robust reporting platform you will have the ability to efficiently monitor the profitability of your operation and funnel your best leads and inbound calls to the right reps. Client Ai focuses on continual development and offers a complete business in a box for those looking to resell.

Technical Support

Acvite Developers

Supported Countries

Active Accounts

  • Clients can see 50% reduction in CRM cost
  • Dedicated support team active 24/7
  • More than 20 years of experience in sales
  • SMS, Email and Voice - "All In One"
  • Ability to generate income through the platfrom
  • Direct to the telecom providers
  • Ability to set margins and auto bill clients
  • Unlimited sever space
  • Web based for global usage
  • Ability to Custom brand

Why get paid only once?

Now you get paid on conversion and monthly thereafter

Up Front

Commission on every deal that closes

Call Center - $500.00
Reseller - $1,000.00
Monthly Residual

Rolling Commission Every Month

Call Center - $200.00
Reseller - $450.00

Example of onbaording clients

Scenario of selling 5 Reseller Accounts & 5 Call Center Accounts

Up Front on conversion

The initial sales portion

$7,500 Up Front

Monthly Residual There after

Paid as long as they stay on board

$3,250 Monthly


Total take home